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WHV health insurance

WHV health insurance

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Your Medicare is running out and you can't leave the country? No problem, you can apply for Bupa health insurance with us. This insurance can help you in the following cases: you have a Working Holiday Visa and are unable to renew Medicare; you have a tourist visa and are enrolled in an English course; you want extra coverage for the ambulance. I remind you that Medicare does not include an ambulance.


Includes : ambulance; general practitioner (GP); reimbursement of medicines; all hospitals (access ticket $ 250); assistance in points of sale; doctor and medicines at home free of charge in case of emergency (by calling 137425); telephone assistance in Italian.

I remind you that for any insurance the first 12 months are not covered pre-existing conditions and pregnancies, it is an Australian rule.

How to do

Make the payment, we will send you an email with the documents required to activate the insurance. You can pay with Paypal or by proceeding it gives you the possibility to pay even if you do not have Paypal (it works better from a computer). Once you have made your purchase, wait for the screen to close.

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