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Tourist visa, telephone sim and license conversion

Tourist visa, telephone sim and license conversion

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Are you planning a trip to Australia? You need a tourist visa. If you have an Italian passport you can apply for the 651 visa. The visa itself is free, you can apply for it yourself on the website of the Department of Immigration or we can request it from you.

How does it work?

  • Work permit: no
  • Study permit: 3 months
  • Volunteering: yes
  • Business meetings, meetings, interviews: yes
  • Total duration: 12 months
  • Why: to travel, study and have business meetings
  • Children and partners: the tourist visa is individual , each person must apply for their own visa

How to request it with us?

  • Make the payment
  • You can pay online with your card even if you don't have a PayPal account
  • Send us an email to with a copy of your passport and a copy of your driving license (front and back)
  • We will answer you with a questionnaire to fill out
  • Wait for the email from the Immigration Department with the result of your visa.

In most cases, the visa is approved immediately. In that case you will receive an email directly from the Immigration Department saying: " Immi Grant Number ".

If the Immigration Department wants to know more, you will receive an email that says " Request for More Information ". They may ask you for a medical examination in a partner clinic in Rome or Milan. Which happens if you declare that you have lived for more than three months in a country considered to be at risk. Or they may ask you for a copy of your criminal record or general pending charges if you have declared that you have a criminal record. Or another proof of your financial availability to face the journey.

But rest assured, these are very rare cases.

In the worst case scenario, the visa can be refused, because the final decision is always made by the Department of Immigration. However, we'll make sure that doesn't happen.


Do you want to buy yourself a van and travel miles and miles on the road? You need a valid driving license for Australia. Your Italian license is valid and in theory allows you to drive in Australia for the first three months. In practice, the laws are different from state to state and in case of checks, a more scrupulous official could fine you. To avoid misunderstandings, misunderstandings or incurring penalties, it is better to always have a NAATI certified translation with you, carried out only by certified translators, recognized by the Australian Government.

Further information: "Can I drive with an Italian license in Australia?"

The answer is yes and no. With a temporary visa (tourist, working holiday visa and student visa) your Italian driving license should be valid for three months down under. But it is also true that to avoid misunderstandings and possible fines on Australian territory, then you go and explain, it is better to leave organized. With translation, you can save yourself much higher unexpected expenses.

The other options are: apply for an international driving license from your DMV, cost about 70 euros and last one year or convert your Italian license into the Australian one, cost about $ 70 and last three years.

We have tried them all and in our opinion, the translation of the driving license is the fastest, most effective, convenient, economical method!


The package also includes a calling card, which you can insert into your smartphone and activate as soon as you arrive. We have Optus phone SIMs available and we will send you by post the one that currently has the most advantageous promotion.Your SIM will arrive comfortably at the address you specified, before your departure


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