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Consultation with the Immigration Agent

Consultation with the Immigration Agent

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If you want to move to Australia forever you need an immigration agent! Who is? This is a professional who specializes in permanent visas. The agent is able to tell you which immigration route to follow, to obtain the permanent visa and then the Australian passport. It is true that we all enter Australia with a temporary visa: tourist, working holiday visa and student visa and for this type of visa you can contact us. But if you want to leave organized and know even before you leave, if there is a chance to stay, you should book a consultation with the immigration agent. Of course, to embark on an immigration journey, you will need a good level of English, years of work experience and a qualification in your industry.


Our immigration agent is called Riccardo Ippoliti, he is Italian, he lives in Melbourne and he is also very knowledgeable on sponsor, partner, regional, skilled visas, as well as on all permanent visas and Italian citizenship. The consultation lasts 45 minutes and can be by phone or video (Google Meet or WhatsApp), takes place from Monday to Friday, during office hours and remember that there is always a waiting list. Before you buy and the sooner you can talk to Riccardo, in Italian, English or Spanish.

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Make the payment and send an email to specifying your preferences in terms of time and date. You can pay with Paypal or by proceeding it gives you the possibility to pay even if you do not have Paypal (it works better from a computer). Once you have made your purchase, wait for the screen to close.

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