Farm Guide Australia

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Farm Guide Australia

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The complete guide on farms in Australia. This is a sort of e-book with a series of tips to find the farm, as well as dozens and dozens of farm contacts, divided by state.

"Can I find a farm from Italy?" is the question that you and all the kids leaving with the Working Holiday Visa ask us every day. Finding a farm from Italy is impossible, as is finding a job from Italy. This is because the work in Australia is located in Australia. What you can do is inform yourself.

Hence the idea of ​​the guide. Over the years we have collected a series of useful information on farms, contacts, lived the experience of the farm firsthand and listened to the experiences of those who have been there.

What does the help contain?

  • An introduction to the requirements for finding farm
  • A series of useful tips before starting the search
  • 10 things to keep in mind
  • The sectors in which to work
  • The recognized sectors and those not valid for the second and third year
  • 39 farms in Tasmania
  • 46 farms in New South Wales
  • 77 farms in Victoria
  • 49 farms in Western Australia
  • 128 farms in Queensland
  • 16 farms in Northern Territory
  • 61 farms in South Australia

These are not farms affiliated with Just Australia. They are farms where some guys found themselves well and passed us the contact, or farms that have asked us to publish an ad, but we do not we all know them directly. So it's up to you to contact them to ask for work, type of pay, accommodation and everything indicated in the guide.

How to request it with us?

  • Make the payment
  • You can pay online with your card even if you don't have a PayPal account
  • You will receive by email the pdf with the farm guide

Then of course you can contact us to ask for explanations and advice, if you still have any doubts. And as soon as you arrive in Melbourne or Sydney you can come to our offices to complete the first procedures for free and consult the job offers on our message boards!


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